As an introvert, I have always spent a lot of time alone drawing and observing the world around me. When I am around other people, I tend to focus on listening and absorbing. I see myself as a learner and listener and enjoy absorbing other people’s stories. Because of this, I am confident in diagnosing problems and finding solutions – both of which I aim to do in my work. In my free time, I enjoy doing various outdoor activities such as camping and hiking which both heal and inspire me, pushing my boundaries so I learn new things.
        Hi, I'm Stephanie Hajin Lee, an adventurous and observant designer who is endlessly curious to find effective and authentic ways to communicate my thoughts and ideas through visuals in an effort to enact change. Welcome to my sphere.



Strong working knowledge of:
InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, After Effects, MadMapper, Cinema 4D, Procreate, Processing, Figma, Acrobat

Familiar with:
p5.js, Arduino, Premiere Pro, Lightroom, Miro, DSLR photography, HTML

Acrylic painting, book binding, sewing


Native in Korean
Conversational in English


09.2018 – 12.2022
ArtCenter College of Design
Pasadena, CA
Bachelor of Find Arts in Graphic Design
Graduation in Honors

Focused coursework at ArtCenter:
Meyers Manx Sponsored Project
Trans-Disciplinary Studio
Created an overarching visual identity system including logo, proprietary photographic style, color palette, graphic elements and typographic style that honored the Meyers Manx brand history and could accommodate the future of the organization.

09.2018 – 12.2022
Fullerton College
Fullerton, CA
General Studies and Art Courses


09.2016 – 06.2017  
Korean Language School
Westminster, CA
Korean Language Teacher
Korean Martyrs Catholic Center
Prepared lesson plans, activities for kindergarteners, and created props for special events.


09.2018 – 12.2022 
ArtCenter College of Design
Merit-Based Scholarship

01.2022 – 04. 2022
05.2019 – 08.2019

ArtCenter College of Design
Provost’s List

ArtCenter Student Gallery
Sandoll GothicNeo1, Type Specimen Poster

Fullerton College Gallery
Alice in Wonderland, Design Fundamental Project

©2023 Hajin Lee. All rights reserved.

©2023 Hajin Lee. All rights reserved.